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Case Study: Enhancing Revenue for E- Commerce Company

Client: A prominent E-Commerce Company

Challenge: Our client, a renowned E-Commerce Company was dealing with vast amounts of data, including customer transactions, product listings, website interactions, and more. Managing and processing this large volume of data can be complex and resource-intensive. sought to gain deeper insights into their  data. They needed to understand the profit of various products, and marketing campaigns to make data-driven decisions.

Solution: Brillanz Software Solutions offered a tailored data analytics solution to address their unique challenges. We began with a detailed data and environment analysis, followed by the development of a comprehensive dashboard.


Key Features

  • Total sales by date Analysis: The dashboard allowed the client to analyze, identifying how much sales was done, which day sales was highest.

  • Return rate Evaluation: It enabled the client to evaluate return rate of products by various parameters like city and rank helping them make decisions about products.

  • Marketing Campaign Insights: The solution integrated data from marketing campaigns, providing insights into which campaigns were most successful in generating leads and sales.

  • Products Funnel Tracking: The dashboard tracked the products funnel, helping the client identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.


  • The client experienced a 30% increase in Profit by discontinuing underperforming products or vendors and focusing on high-impact ones.

  • Data-driven decisions improved performance and work quality.

  • The marketing insights led to a 15% reduction in marketing expenses while increasing lead generation.

  • Products funnel tracking optimized the conversion process, leading to quicker  cycles.

Brillanz Software Solutions enabled our client in the IT industry to harness the power of data, leading to increased revenue and more informed decision-making.

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